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LifeBites -- Bite Back

29 January
External Services:
  • melissa_brown@livejournal.com

A little about me:

Hello, my name is Melissa Brown and I am a vampire resercher and a vampire. I have been interested in vampires for my entire life. In the past eight years I have been exploring and broadening my mind when it comes to anything and everything vampiric. I have become very interested in the educational aspects of the topic, lifestyle and so forth. I am very big on networking, building community, and education.

Current projects I am working on:

  • A book that will be published within the next two years that will contain information on vampires from history and mythology as well as modern day vampires and provides those who want to learn more about vampires with the ability to do so.

  • A newsletter called The Kindred Tribune ™.

  • Within the next 2-5 years a Southern California Paranormal/Occult Convention.

I am Searching for:

  • People who have had experiences with the paranormal, occult or other unexplained phenomena.

  • People who are werewolves, otherkin and/ or are of the vampiric nature or are donating to someone of the vampiric nature, who would like to share their experiences with other people.

  • Vampires who have children or are pregnant.

  • I publish a vampire and occult community magazine.
    I am currently Seeking submissions of any kind.
    Poetry, short stories, articles ,event, club,book, and movie reviews.

If you are interested please contact me with the e-mail provided above.